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Our Mission

“To get your applications talking”

Eliminate wasted work, reduce data errors

Re-entering data from one system to another is not only error prone, but its expensive and demoralizing for staff who want to do more exciting work

Wow customers with amazing service

Enable your business to look slick, professional and service oriented.  Imagine your sales team are updated instantly with order status, or your events team know which key customer has just signed up for the conference, and your production team see orders in near real time.

A managed service

  • Rapid

    Starting with your most urgent integration problems, we can generally get critical integrations live within a few days.  We carefully build additional processes according to each need identified, testing and training each step.

    Your business process will start working better, generating cost reduction and service improvement.

  • Fully managed

    We maintain the integrations for you, monitoring and updating them where required.  Any failures will generate exception reports and we will move swiftly to rectify and reload any missing data.

  • Responsive

    We’re specialists in process improvement and systems integration. We know the pitfalls of a poor integration design, and are experts at using the right integration tools to maximum effect.  Having set it up right, we can respond rapidly to issues, queries or enhancement suggestions.

Single sign-on and dashboard reporting solutions

Single sign on (SSO) provides convenience and security

All staff get a login to a page with all their corporate apps.  From there, they select the app to open, and are automatically logged in with their rights and priviledges.  A simple, convenient, safe service managed by DataZorb team or your own IT staff


Dashboards to help you focus on what matters

Our business is extracting key data from many of your apps.  So its a natural extension for us to offer it up to presentation layer, available to your team according to their individual focus and KPIs.


Achieve more with less

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